Jacob aka CoB

Jacob isn't here to write he own bio, So, I Neil Faulkner, his "boss" will attempt to write one for him. Jacob and I met a half decade ago when we were hired the same week at another tattoo shop. We got along right away and remained friends after he left said shop.  He is a solid, honest man and great father to two adorable children. I consider him one of my closest friends and I truly respect him as a man and tattooer.

 Personally I have always envied his ability to draw. When it comes down to being able to sketch a custom drawing that would make a perfect tattoo on the spot, I have never worked with anyone that even compared to him.

As a technical tattoo artist, I've watched him continue to grow and evolve in styles, and he just keeps getting better. Just come in and talk to him and check out his sketch book.

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Neil Faulkner

Tattooing throughout Southern California for the past 9 years, Neil is best known for his quick wit, charm, dashing good looks and solid tattoos. He primarily specializes in black and grey, custom vibrant neo traditional, detailed floral designs and specifically solid legible cover ups.


Lover of tattoos and tradition, professionally tattooing for 4 years. Gnar is known for being uncontrollably awesome and a true gentleman. He specializes in traditional, neo-traditional, black & grey, pointillism or anything unique and bold.